What is needed for seriously used operating system? One of important tool is performance monitor. This project provide them.

This is a family of monitoring tools which examined content of linux's /proc directory and shows it in human readable form.

Using this tools you can monitor current state of the system or you can collect data for system history.

This family consisting two classes of files.

Linux Kernel Measurement Interface (KMI)

This one contains code which retrieves data from /proc directory. And you can use these functions to incorporate into your applications without exploring and understanding /proc directory.

Note: Functionality of these functions are dependent on kernel version.

Monitoring applications

These applications collects and shows system status data. They includes console (ncurses) or graphics (X windows + lesstif) environment.

Linux Monitor

This is a console application which shows current system status and resource usage. And is able to initiate automatic action if some threshold is reached.

Xm Linux Monitor

Last update: Aug of 2001